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"I am Simrita Basrur. A  psychologist, counsellor, holistic therapist, art lover and psychology educator." 

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Simrita ArchanaAjay Basrur has done her post graduation in Clinical psychology from S.N.D.T University. She has her expertise on various counselling arenas like self- realisation process, adolescent counselling, mindfulness, relationship counselling, depression issues, anxiety issues, anger issues, stress management, etc. She uses her professional skills in the utmost beneficial way for the client where the client is helped and made to understand by educating him/her first about the problem and then going ahead with the treatment.

She has done her internship from Thane Mental Hospital and Shivaji hospital at Kalva. A research named- Level of self esteem and depression in Bipolar and Schizophrenic population has been done by her.


She is trained in CBT, REBT, Chromotherapy and Graphology respectively. These therapies have proved beneficial for her clients.​ She takes meditation and relaxation sessions so that the client is healed from within. She has completed a 'Mental Health First Aid' (MHFA) course. She is a Certified therapist in Acceptance-Commitment therapy. She has completed an online course of Art therapy life coaching from Transformation services.Inc and is a Certified Art therapy coach. She has recently completed Life Purpose Coach training from Transformation.Inc in the year 2021


She has worked with Omni Health Services Pvt.Ltd as a Psychologist wherein she not only counselled but also psycho-educated the patients about the problem and helped them out. She has also worked in a company named Acciohealth as Consulting Psychologist.

She has experience of writing on mental health related topics and has an article published in a local magazine- Living Local named: 'The Dignity in Mental Health' in the month of October 2015. She always updates her knowledge about human mind and psychology by doing various courses. In pandemic period during the year 2020, she got an amazing opportunity to be on Radio Nasha channel hosted by RJ Adaa where she was asked about Mental health as well as some tips for the listeners of the Radio. ​


She has been a part of an esteemed entrepreneur club of Marathi entrepreneurs named Saturday Club Global Trust and is also part of Chitrapur Saraswat Network- Bhanap Professionals, both clubs as an 'Entrepreneur'. Understanding people from various backgrounds and lifestyles by actually being in the circle with them helps to understand them better, is what she believes in. She has a personality of always striving and working hard and loves persistence. She recently gave a voice over for a product and also has achieved certificates in well execution and profound team work. She is open to collaborations online as well as offline mainly in creating mental health awareness, meditation sessions and drawing analysis sessions. 

A learner/seeker, she knows her limits and also her strengths. She believes that for anything to work out, hard work and involvement is utmost needed. 

Image copyright: Simrita Basrur


B.A psychology
M.A. Clinical Psychology
Meditation practitioner
Colour Therapist
Graphology therapist
Mandala therapist
Certified Art therapy Life coach
Certified Life Purpose Coach


National Flower

A  Learner. Researcher. Spiritual

My Mantra: To bring understanding about mental health and well being in the minds of the people and help them through my services

Kindly note:Taking online sessions for all my services since Pandemic

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